My art practice centers on the body – the body as a space of interior and exterior boundaries, as a source of abject material and repulsive experience, as a fundamental actor in the formation of identity, and as a site of danger and pleasure, of horror and contemplation.

My work stems from an intensely personal place, yet applies to a more abstract notion of body, universally felt and collectively understood; pains of wounds, trauma, danger in blood and exposed flesh, repulsion of the “guts and black stuff” underneath yet fascination with its complexities. I am drawn to the body as a site of knowledge and illness and the rituals surrounding our modes of its understanding. Current epistemologies of medical science rely on a wholly objective understanding of the body, “the body as object,” as material in need of being fixed, healed, changed. And while I do not dismiss this line of understanding, I question if it fully captures our fundamental experience of being embodied.


b. 1981 El Paso, TX. I currently live and work in San Antonio, TX.